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  1. Hi there,

    I am a new grad RN, living in Berkeley right now, my husband graduates grad school in 2 weeks and we are thinking of possibly moving back to the northwest suburbs of Chicago where his family lives, specifically the Crystal Lake/ Woodstock area. If anyone knows what a new grad nurse wage would be at say Centegra or Advocate Barrington, Mercy, not sure what other hospitals are out that way, that would be so helpful.

    Also, how hard is it to get a job out there? I have just a few months of home health experience, been working as a nurse in home health while waiting for my husband to graduate and find a job.

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  3. by   cakoxx59
    Hi, I found you post and actually don't have any tips about chicago. But I am moving to East bay area and was wondering if you had any tips on the hospitals out there? I know this is completely random. I posted here and have received any replies. Im suppose to be moving in July and really want to know whats out there since I'll be new to the area. I appreciate any advice you have!!