RN's please advise

  1. Need alittle advice. I have been a an LPN for 6 yrs. I am enrolled in Undergrad program working on Prereqs for my RN. I currently work in a non-clinic setting. Could my decision to work a non-clinical job hurt me as I pursue my Nursing degree. I perform QA on donor charts for a Tissue procurement organization.
    I feel like each day I am away from the floor I lose alittle more skills......
    I previously worked as charge on a 50 bed Rehab/LTC unit for 3 yrs. Also did Home Health, Clinic Nurse-ambulatory, Resident Service Director/Assisted Living. any advice would be helpful. Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   c.wicks
    You are already ahead of the game with six years of nursing experience. I started out a RN, BSN with no other nursing or hospital experience and felt that I was poorly prepared to function as an RN.
    .......but by the grace of God and help and support from a couple of LPNs, I made it through those first few months.

    You'll be just fine!