nurses..graded as NON-MEDICAL

  1. i am a reg.nurse presently working here in UAE.i am new here and i just received my confirmation in this hospital.ironically speaking,the admin.had just implemented a new grading system for all the workers...this in relation to the new laws implemented here concerning an increase in the salary both for the locals and migrants workers.what i cant understand here was the sudden implementation of this new circular that we nurses are now graded as a NON MEDICAL.if they will just follow what was in the law,our salary will increase to almost half of what we are receiving now but unfortunately this government here we just making this LAWS just for a SHOW..why i say it..coz they will make a reroute to take it back like what happend to us now.sadly speaking they asked as to signed this new grading system during our confirmation,where we were left without a choice.If nurses now here are under NON-MEDICAL...we should not be doing the medical works such as giving the medications,carrying out Doctor's orders etc..
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