Nurse resume with 1 RN job

  1. I am a nurse with 2.5 years tele/ICU experience at one hospital. I am relocating for my husband's job and need to freshen up my resume. I worked for 7 years as a caregiver doing mostly home care and adult family homes with about 1.5 years acute care on a neuro floor. Should I include this in my resume?
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    I would definitely include it. The experience is still relevant, and your resume will look at little less bare than just including a single position.
  4. by   sama34
    I would say definitely include it. While work experience on a resume is primarily used to credit your expertise or knowledge, it's also a way to get to know you as an individual. Being that I'm in a management position (non-nursing), I come across a lot of resumes and have found there are many things you can tell about a person from that one piece of paper (of course, it's not the end-all-be-all for hiring purposes). Also it's not like you are including a job at McDonald's or something, so it's relevant imo.