NICU vs Military

  1. How long does it take to become a nurse for the military? Preferably an active duty nurse. And how long does it take to become a NICU nurse?

    Also, what are the pros and cons of military nursing and NICU nursing? (It won't discourage me, but prepare me mentally)

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  3. by   mmanzella18
    What branch are you looking at? Currently going through the process for the Air Force now
  4. by   Kater1719
    That's so cool!! And either Air Force or Army, but I can't decide.
  5. by   mmanzella18
    That's great! Exactly what I want to do. I would HIGHLY recommend you look at jvogue92 on YouTube. She post last detailed vlogs about her entire process and even when she's at officer training! She's nice too, I've reached out to her. She will answer SO many questions. Also, my fiancé got stuck being a recruiter, but now that I know the ins and outs- go Air Force over Army. They have a better route for nurses. Not saying the army isn't good because I've looked into it, but my research suggests Air Force has more nursing options