New state, New job, New license?

  1. If I were wanting to look into a job in another state (mind you, it's a non-compact state so I'd have to apply for new licensure) would I need to successfully have my new state license before applying to these positions? I'd be going from Mississippi to Louisiana. Any insight for this would be of great help
    Be easy, i've been a registered nurse for about 6 months :-)
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    If you think you might want to move to Louisiana, start the application process. You don't have to actually have the license in your fist to interview for positions, but you cannot work until you have it. So start the process early. Some states take longer than others to process applications, and Louisiana nurses might be able to give you a better perspective on how long it takes. Be sure to mention in your cover letter and in your interview that you've already started the process of obtaining the appropriate license. Best wishes in your relocation!