New Grad Research/Public Opps?

  1. Hi, allnurses family!

    I will be graduating in May 2018 with my MS in Clinical Nurse Leadership (Bachelors in Medical Anthropology, 1.5 years non-profit HIV work, 1.5 years at USAMRIID doing stem cell research for Ebola outbreak). It's a masters-level entry-to-practice program where will we graduate as registered nurses with an additional certification as a Clinical Nurse Leader.

    I am from Baltimore, so there is a huge hub of public health/public policy/research institutes around (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NIH, etc.), but I unfamiliar with the nursing perspective. Does anyone know of any opportunities for new grads in this field? I know of the NIH opportunity for new graduates, but their application process doesn't even begin until May, which makes me hesitant to throw all of my eggs into one basket.

    I would love to be involved in clinical research. I am a Student Nurse/tech in an ICU now and don't love hospital nursing.

    Any advice on programs to consider? Thanks!
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