New Cath Lab Nurse Needs Guidance

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just got job working in the Cath Lab, finally, and I am very excited and have already been digging into things to brush up on.

    I know this was already a post (because I searched for it), but it was an old post so I wanted to ask again: does anyone have any suggestions to get started?

    Specifically I read in the other post to get a Cath Lab Handbook by Dr. M. Kern, read up on hemodynamics, and take an IABP course. Are there any other recommendations?

    My background is in tele and radiology. I've bought the cath lab book suggested (it looks like a gold standard), and my ACLS is coming up for renewal so I've been going through those basics.

    I'm in Chicago and cannot find anywhere that still offers an IABP class in person (the best I've found are ones offered by manufacturers online). Would it be helpful to take a 12-lead ECG course?

    Thanks times a million!
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