Need phone interview advice

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a recent grad and I am doing a phone interview for my dream position which is a ER fellowship. The nurse recruiter said that about 25 people have applied and they are only hiring 2 people. So I need to ace the interview. Any suggestions on how to stand out since it is a phone interview and how to make the interview go better? Also any hints on the types of questions I may be asked and/or should ask?


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  3. by   suzanne4
    Have you been over to see the facility first? Are you actually familiar with the nurse manager?

    Types of patients seen, is it a trauma facility?, is it a base hospital for an ambulance company? does it have a transport service? is it a referral hospital?

    Will you be asigned to the same preceptor for the externship, or will you rotate between preceptors? Best is if you can have the same person at least for most of the program............

    These are just some things that come to mind right away........Good luck.