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  1. Hi all! I'm currently thinking of going back to school as my postbac college is offering a 100% tuition scholarship for certain masters programs. I will admit I am a new ICU nurse (and new in general - I was lucky enough to get my ideal start in an ICU), but have always planned to leave the bedside after a few years and this would save me so much money. I will still continue to work full time while I go to school part time and school will take approximately 2 years. I hadn't thought much about what I wanted to do after bedside as I always thought it was a long way off, but am now reconsidering as this offer has come up. I've also always wanted to be a medical device/product educator on the side when I gained more experience.

    Mainly my question is what can I do with a masters in clinical management? This seems like the masters I am most interested in and I will admit I didn't know which masters I would be interested in before this came up. I've tried looking online and it seems pretty broad to me so i'd love to get some input from other nurses. Thanks so much!
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