Just retired, plan to work agency. ADVICE?

  1. I just retired at age 64. Can not lift patients or manage
    the stress of hospital work any more. So thought I would sign up with some agencies and do the occasional bit of work here and there. I have worked Med/surg, clinics, school nursing, HIV care, home health.

    I thought I would look for employee health since I have done it before through agencies and it is relatively low stress and physically undemanding.

    There isn't always work available in this area however so I wondered if any one had any suggestions about other things to look for. Home health can vary from case to case in the level of physical fitness involved but that is a possibility.

    I want to work when I feel like it and not work when the mood strikes me and I am not under any real financial pressure. Suggestions or accounts of your experiences would be most welcome.
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