Hospital scholorships for R.N degrees New York

  1. I heard the 1199 Union sponsors nursing students and pay their tuition at Interfaith Hospital ,Presbyterian and Methodist hospital. Does anyone know of a hospital who sponsors any workers in any department at the hospital to attend to nursing school.
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  3. by   cancergirl
    Would be interested to know myself b/c I live in NY and I'm starting to take prerequisites for the BSN program. I don't work in a hospital now, but I was wonder how people get their education paid for by their employers,etc.... good question!!
  4. by   WhatToDo
    I believe Mount Sinai Hospital offers a work repayment program that helps pay tuition in nursing school in return for a certain amount of work commitment.

    I've heard that you should be very careful with work repayment programs, be sure to read everything before you sign any deals.