health/medical field careers

  1. My daughter has explored a new careers: nurse, nurse
    practitioner, pharmacist, PT, OT, speech, Physician assistant,
    physician, pharmacist. Are there any other recommendations of
    fields that may have 4-6 years education that
    she might investigate ? thanks
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  3. by   tiger
    we have a rehab counselor who makes big bucks and does very little. mostly visit with staff and walk around with his hands in his pockets. he can move pretty fast--to be first in line at potlucks or in-services with food. mind you he doesnt contribute to the pot luck. seriously though, it could be a good job if you enjoy talking to people. not sure of the degree required.
  4. by   fsingh
    From my experience. There are jobs more in demand at a clinic. or childrens hospital. Rehab is good, and Look into Nurse Practitioner careers. as well
  5. by   fsingh
    Also, working as a nurse at school or research nursing education or even management. They don't do much physical wrk more like leadership roles. etc helping people.