Grad School/ Job experience for CRNA or RNFA

  1. I am in my second semester of nursing school and I am a bit of a planner, so I'm trying to figure out my plans for after graduation. As of right now, I plan on going to grad school for either CRNA or ACNP/RNFA (UAB has both of these programs). I have heard that CRNA school is hard to get in to, so as of right now, ACNP/RNFA is my back up. Is there an area of the hospital that would give me valuable experience for both of these areas? I know CRNA schools prefer CVICU, but I feel like ACNP/RNFA would prefer something closer to working in the OR. Also, if I want to work as a pediatric nurse in either of those jobs, will grad schools take pediatric experience or do they prefer adult? Any other info for either of these fields is welcome!
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