Getting Prepared???

  1. Hi everybody. I'm hoping to get accepted into nursing school January 2005. I've read that schools give you a list of things you NEED to buy before school starts. Is there anything that is standard that I can purchase ahead of time, so I'll have less of an expense when I get my list???

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  3. by   cursenurse
    a good stethoscope (littman), good shoes (check with the school about what kind they allow), if you know the kind of uniforms the school will be using buy them, a good medical dictionary
  4. by   PCGrad06
    make sure you have all your shots,tb skin test and exam. you can get the lab coat, warm up jacket, uniforms and comfortable shoes white is usually standard from what i have been told.the cpr card (health care provider type), and of course the water resistant watch. that is alot to get done but a good start. as for the books i would wait until i was sure of the list because they change them often in my area anyway. i hope this helps