Fortis Institute at Nashville

  1. Hi guys! I am currently in an LPN program and I'm looking to go into RN school as soon as I graduate. I have been looking into the LPN to RN program at Nashville but I can not find any information. I have talked to the instructors and such and of course they are all going to say great things. This program is very costly and I just want to make sure I will get what I pay for. Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   aTOMicTom
    There's one well-written report on I found by googling "Fortis Institute"... it used to be "Medvance" and I never heard much good about them. I have a friend in Nashville who just completed his RN online mostly and I cannot remember the school.... I'll email him and see which it was. You may want to search on here for "Medvance"

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    PS You are smart to be sceptical!