failed twice and dont know what to do!!! please help

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  3. by   RNinfamily
    I have taken the LVN and the RN exam and they are very different. The role of the nurse is taken into consideration on how you answer the question. ( Scope of Practice)

    That maybe why you are having trouble pass the exam. I suggest you purchase and NCLEX study book and prepare to take the RN exam.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Even if you took the NCLEX you are still looking at a few years before you can work in the US due to retrogression. I would probably concentrate on the PN and maybe worth looking at whether you need some sort of help to understand how the Canadians work and how they are taught to pass their exams.
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    Will close thread as the original poster seems to have removed the post and replaced with smilies.