Eligible for Licensure

  1. I have been to psychiatric hospital a total of 25 times in the past 12 years due to behavioral/bipolar/schizophrenia issues, and with treatment have remained out of psychiatric hospitals consistently now for over 2 years with the help of a psychiatrist, therapist, and mental health (psychotropic medications).

    Am I able to be licensed through the states' Board of Nursing, or is this something that will keep me from practicing? Also, would employers hire me knowing about my schizophrenia/bipolar?
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  3. by   oceanblue52
    This is something you would need to disclose when you apply for your license. The BON would probably want a statement from your treatment team of your progress and stability. It is doable though, have known a few people that successfully got their license after disclosing mental illness. You might contact your BON, they would probably have more concrete info on how they deal with these types of cases.