ED vs ICU (Houston Med Center)

  1. Hello, I will be graduating in May 2018 (fingers crossed still have this exit HESI).
    I did rotations on the Neuro ICU in a hospital that I really like in the Texas Med Center and was told by the nurse manager to come back to the unit after graduation. I applied to the nurse residency for that unit. However, I am also doing an internship at this same hospital in the ED, I have not gotten a job offer from management but also applied to the nurse residency for the ED.

    My goal in life is to return to school after ~3-4 years to become an FNP, I would like to know which unit you all believe will enable me to learn skills that will help me be a better FNP.

    I understand they are both hard units to start off as a new grad, any pros/cons/general advice you'd like to share will also be appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch,
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