Case management or hospital job

  1. Hi allnurses!

    I know I can always count on coming on this great platform to get some advice. I'm at a crossroads, need opinions on which job offer to take. I'm also currently in a FNP program. I have been a nurse for 7 years, did everything from nursing home, sub acute rehab, and now med surg (which is the cause of my burnout, and not wanting to do bedside nursing).

    Job offers:

    1. well known NYC hospital working night shift 12 hours (haven't worked nights in over 6 years). tuition reimbursed through previous employer by putting in hours there

    2. case management job at a MLTC company. monday-friday, no weekends no holidays. no tuition reimbursement until a year later, can't put in hours at my previous job

    Please help! as I need to make a decision very soon! Thank you =)
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