1. hi everyone i have just registered to this website please can i talk iv been a registered nurse for 2 years my placements included gyneacology and critical care unit for adults i left critical care unit to do midwifery studies for 18 months, however i experienced personal problems towards the end of the course 2 months from qualifying and now i dont have a job there seems to be nothing out there please could you help me i really feel that life is not worth to live i have gone to numerous interviews but been regected dont know who i am anymore
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Nor and welcome to All Nurses. I'm so sorry that your plans aren't working out. However, there is much to live for. Depression is very real and needs very real help too. Please get some help. Life is worth living. We are an internet bulletin board and always urge people to get help especially when they use the words (as you did): "i really feel that life is not worth to live." Take care.