Advice When the State Board of Nursing Calls

  1. from center for american nurses: understanding legal aspects of healthcare working environment [font=trajanpro-regular].

    when the state board calls: part i
    guidance from nurse attorney, latonia denise wright

    [font=helveticaneueltstd-cn]if a nurse is reported to the state board of nursing or if [font=helveticaneueltstd-cn]an investigator calls them, it behooves them to consult
    [font=helveticaneueltstd-cn]with a nurse attorney who practices administrative law in [font=helveticaneueltstd-cn]their state before they provide the board with any information via a phone interview, written statement or meet with an investigator.
    most nurses are so staggered by the initial phone call from the board, that they do not fully comprehend the ramifications of their responses. although the investigator's conversations may be described as "routine" and may berather short in length, a nurse still needs to be cautious of every response and can reserve the right to representation prior to answering any questions.

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