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  1. Hie all. I am 20 years old, recently graduated as an enrolled nurse. I have to answer selection criteria questions for the job I'm applying for. I have no nursing experience and I really need help on how to answer these questions. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    These are the questions I have to give answers to

    1. Demonstrated ability to deliver competent nursing care under the guidance of a registered nurse and in accordance with the NMBA National Competency Standards for the Endorsed Enrolled Nurse.

    2. Demonstrated ability to contribute to the formulation of care plans in collaboration with the registered nurse, for individuals and groups.

    3. Demonstrated understanding of the rights of individuals/groups in the health care setting.

    4. Demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development through participation in education and training activities relevant to the field of clinical practice.

    5. Applies effective communication and interpersonal skills to work within a team and to support the achievement of team goals and objectives.

    6. Demonstrated ability to consistently display commitment to, compliance with and leadership in high quality Customer Service, Workplace Diversity, Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Democracy principles, practices and relevant legislation relating to these areas and an understanding of and commitment to the organisations values.

    Thank you
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