Community Nursing and Animal Cruelty

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    I am a community nurse in a regional area in Queensland. I have come across an interesting situation in which I have witnessed animal cruelty while in a client's house (not committed by the client but a family member). I wished to report this to the RSPCA and discussed this with my boss. However, my boss does not wish me to report this due to the fact that I am only in the house to see the client, not for anything else, and it would breach privacy policies. My workplace privacy policies are pretty standard, and say that I can't share/collect information not needed to provide services. Does anyone have any advice in this situation? I'm pretty upset over this incident and fear that the animals might eventually be killed.

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  3. by   brownbook
    I think your boss is wrong. Animal cruelty is a HUGE red flag that that person is going to harm or kill people also.

    Either tell your boss you refuse to go back to that home for fear of your own safety, or tell her you are going to report the incident to the RSPCA. Hopefully the RSPCA is used to situations where the caller needs to remain anonymous for their own safety.
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