Casual work and overtime

  1. Hi, I just had a question. I recently downgraded from full time to casual work at my current job. We work 8 hour shifts. My boss told me they don't pay overtime till after 10 hours for just casuals. I looked into are EBA manual and doesn't say anything about this. Just says after your rostered shift. So should I not be getting overtime after 8 hours? Thanks
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    It's to so with your hospital payroll and nursing workforce plans. If you have 10hr shifts in the hospital then you are not doing OT unless you were rostered for an 8 and end up doing 10 but then only if over your contracted hours and if your casual you may be on a zero hr contract.....
  4. by   sparticus2008
    Check the industry agreement for nurses in your state.
    In Western Australia, you are entitled to overtime if you work more than the standard shift length for that area, which is typically 8 hrs for morning or afternoon, and 10 hours for a night.
    So therefore if you are in WA and the ward normally operates an 8hr shift, then irrespective of whether you are permenant or casual you are entitiled to overtime IF you are working PUBLIC.
    if you are working private then it will depend on what you signed up to