Canadian RN, 2 years.....Curious About Geriatric/Psych Positions

  1. Good Morning I've read many posts in this forum and around AN about nurses looking for work in Australia. I'm sure some of you may be tired of answering such inquiries, but I figure I'll throw it out here anyway. I've done my own research regarding job prospects in Australia, but I'm specifically interested in the possibility of working in areas such as geriatrics. Aged care, psych, clinics, not hospital floors. Do many of these nursing jobs exist? I have a BSN as well as a post RN course in geriatrics and 2 years experience. I'm thinking of starting the paperwork in the next 8 months. Thanks for your replies!
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    I'm a UK nurse with almost 3 years experience in aged care, predominently hospital based acute medicine. I'm curious as to what developments you may have made? We're hoping to move to Oz sept/october 2013 so I'm weighing up the options. I love working in aged care but the workload in the NHS is ridiculous, 1:10, although this is an improvement on another NHS Trust I worke in, where the ratio was 1:14!