Best Nursing school in Australia

  1. Can anyone confirm which is the best school to study in Australia?

    currently i am trying to get my offer letter with Deakin University under the help of Kokos.

    Any suggestions?
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  3. by   sparticus2008
    There is no simple "this is the best" nursing school in Australia. Different university's have different strengths - whether it be amount of clinical placement, flexibility of study, the location, the staff, the research focus etc. They suit different people for different reasons.

    Within Australia we have national standards & accreditation, so all recognised courses will get you the exactly the same registration at the end.
  4. by   HannahGarland
    It depends which state you live in and whether you'd be open to moving but Notre Dame in Sydney and Perth has been ranked highest across multiple areas for Nursing. I am about to finish my RN degree at their Perth campus and I have found ND to be amazingly supportive and they have really prepared us to enter the workforce. In WA last year over 80% of graduate programs went to Notre Dame students (there are 4 unis that do nursing). Every ward I've been to has said that ND students are noticably better, more confident and practice better nursing care than any other uni.