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Nursing in Australia or California

by navi89 navi89 (New) New

Hi everyone.

I am Australian registered nurse, I have done BSC NURSING and Diploma of enrolled nursing.

i have experience in medical centre practice , I am paid 30 dollar an hour Full time. Very relaxed job, 9 to 5.

i am thinking of moving to US San Diego. Will I be able to get the job there with my medical centre experience, is there a better scope of nursing in Australia. I have my sister and my friend living there, thus am willing to move to San Diego. But scared whether I am making the right decision or not.

Please give me some suggestions and help me in this confusion.


Has 25 years experience.

For a start is it an Australian nursing degree? well if it is, most likely will not be accepted by any of the BONS in the USA, no paeds, no maternity. Do midwifery, do mid diploma. On top of that how will you get a work visa? No one can on demand work rights in another country, and as reported on here many times.....no jobs..... but I suppose Australia has been easy for this in the past there is no comparisin withe the California BON and to emigrate over to the states....