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Does Clinical Count?

  1. 1. Does Clinical Count?

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Hi everyone,

I'm applying for Nursing Assistant positions, however, the job application I'm applying for is asking if I've had previous nursing assistant experience. I'm in an associate's nursing program and completed my first year of nursing courses including Fundamentals. I have not held an actual nursing assistant position, however, I'm considering the experience from clinical may count? Can someone clarify if the clinical experience would technically count?

Thank you!

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No, because you haven't actually worked full time as an aide, but add a cover letter and explain that you learned some of the basics in your clinical, it might help get hired. You're someone they might be able to keep on as an aide. Healthcare jobs love nursing students.

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At one point in time or another, all CNAs (and everyone else for that matter) filled out a job application where they had little to no experience. Everyone has to start somewhere. Employers know this and eventually someone will give you a chance. You might want to consider starting out in a nursing facility first. I decided to go this route as a way to build up my confidence before moving on to more acutely ill patients in a hospital setting. If you have already done clinical at the hospital, then maybe you will feel ready to start there. Technically, clinical experience is educational and doesn't really count as employment experience, but it is very valuable experience nonetheless. Please do as the poster above suggested. Add a cover letter talking about your nursing student experience or add it to the application itself. Your status as a nursing student will act as a reference in itself.

Also, if you plan on working during nursing school, you might want to consider a per-diem nursing assistant job. Much more flexibility with hours (no set # of hours to be worked per week, pick your own schedule, no mandatory weekends, etc. - no benefits like health insurance though). I think this allows students to keep nursing school as the priority because they can plan their work schedule around the school schedule. For instance: if you had one week where there was going to be three exams, then perhaps you would be scheduled for less (or no) hours that week. Good luck!

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