prayers pls

  1. Hi I'm in my second semester of nursing school currently in the LPN to RN program. I have my first med surg exam next week. Imy in need of prayers for wisdom and strength and to pass the exam.

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  3. by   kakamegamama
    You got it! Study hard. Don't wait until the last night. I believe He'll help you, but expects you to help yourself as well!
  4. by   CryssyD
    Second the above--prayer never hurts, but studying is the key to passing exams. I will pray that you are able to remain calm and confident, which will help you remember what you studied. Good luck!
  5. by   vintagemother
    My prayer before exams is always pretty much that I ask God to allow the knowledge in my mind to pass through on my paper or to the keyboard.

    I hope you passed!

    LV/PNs-RNs Rock!!
  6. by   ❤️️ Psalm 23:1-4 ❤️️
    Thank you so much
  7. by   ❤️️ Psalm 23:1-4 ❤️️
    Thanks guy!!! I'm in my last semester. So excited!!

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