I would love to have you read my devotional series

  1. Hi. I started a series of Christian devotional style articles on the breakroom side of Allnurses.com and I would love for you to read them.

    I have written two articles so far and plan to write more in the near future as the Lord leads. Here are the links to the first two articles. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read them.

    A Worshiper's Heart: Devotionals for Daily Living, Part 1

    A Worshiper's Heart Devotional: Crayons and Paper, A Lesson of Grace

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  3. by   AshlieV
    thank you, keep doing the Lord's work i havent been on the boards in several days and while spending time with the Lord he led me here and I found your posts. beautiful, I believe we all need to express our heart of worship for the Almighty it really is all about him! =) God bless you my dear friend.