which one is considered the "administrative complaint"?

  1. I have to submit a few additional documents to get licensed in another state due to a past reprimand on a current license. I need to attach 3 letters of rec, the ordered discipline - I have those - and then a copy of the "administrative complaint".

    Is that the document that states the complaints made against me by the complainant when the investigation was first being pursued or the document sent to me by the BON stating that they had indeed decided to pursue action against my license after the investigation was complete? I think it's the latter .... but I just want to make sure I'm submitting everything I'm supposed to.

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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Perhaps the best route would be to contact the BON for clarification.
  4. by   Katillac
    It looks like it's the latter:

    "The administrative complaint puts you on notice that the board believes there is probable cause that a violation of your professional code (public health code for health professionals) has been committed."

    Administrative Complaints and Hearings in Florida & Michigan