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  1. I've seen on some threads where a couple of people actually do what I'm interviewing for tomorrow. I was told in my phone interview that I would basically have to name my price in my actual interview, but I have no idea, nor do I know anyone personally that has been in this type of work. Basically, I would be the RN working for the insurance company going to PCP offices and reviewing charts as well as discussing with paitients to ensure compliance with current medical conditions and make sure they are getting yearly recommended physicals, mammograms, prostate checks, etc. Anyway, is there anyone out there that wouldn't mind giving me some sort of salary range that currently works in this type of position? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to sell myself short, but I do want to be realistic. I realize that it will vary based on location, just need a starting point. Thanks!
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  3. by   inthecosmos
    This is old, but did you find a range?
  4. by   NurseMoneyTalk
    Depending on what state you live in this could vary from state to state. I would recommend going to to help you get a good idea.