Resignation letter

  1. Hi guys I need some help. I was wondering to whom should I address my resignation letter in my nursing home. Planning to resign before the month end.
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  3. by   psu_213
    To whom are you your handing your letter? If to the DON, I would address it to him/her. If to HR, then "To whom it may concerns" work. It's a resignation letter. No need to make it over personal. Do make it polite and to the point.
  4. by   Mergirlc
    I might be a little too late, but this is what I did when I was giving two-week notice at a job I had (non-health field). I sent an email to my direct supervisor and cc'ed HR and bcc'ed myself. The reason for bcc to myself was to have actual proof of when I submitted the resignation. Always good to have proof.

    You can also go in and physically turn in a letter if required. You can mention this in the email if you plan to do this also.