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  1. I work PRN. We are required to submit our availability for each month at the beginning of the month. We may or may not get shifts for the days we indicate we are available. We check each week to see if we are on the schedule. Today, I was told the new policy is that I am required to be available for every shift I indicate I'm available whether or not I'm on the schedule. So, if indicate I am available for a shift on a certain day, I am required to be available that entire shift even if I am not on the schedule "just in case they need me" at some point during that shift. If they call at anytime during the shift, I am considered a "call in" if I don't go in. I am not paid unless they call me and I go in but I cannot do anything because they might call. Is this how PRN works?
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    Several people already responded to this post in the General Nursing forum.