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  1. I was recently offered two modeling jobs -- one for a friend to help build his portfolio and one for a professional photographer who will be paying me for my time. As the title may intimate, both of these gigs involve posing naked. Neither one involves 1) any other people/models, 2) any hint to my profession 3) any clue to my employer (obviously, because that's just kinda creepy) and 4) my real full name.

    I couldn't help but remember a thread on here from a while ago with a title that went something like, "Are You Guilty of a Crime of Moral Turpitude?" I'm thrilled to be asked to pose for both these shoots (and the extra cash from the pro one doesn't hurt either), but there's a niggling thought in the back of my mind -- could I be held up as somehow "immoral" for posing nude? I mean, I personally have no shame in posing naked or generally being nude (you know, in appropriate situations). I did a degree in art before I became a nurse and spent a lot of time doing nude figure drawings for practice. I belong to a group that sometimes does (private!) nudist events. I don't feel any shame in showing my body to people who want to see it.

    But I am also keenly aware that there are a lot of people in this world who would happily slander me for my choices.

    Really what I'm asking is, should I stop and reconsider? Could my state BoN come after me, pointing a finger and saying, "Hey, we heard you got naked and there are PICTURES on the INTERNET." Could my hospital fire me? Maybe it seems a little stupid, but I've learned the hard way not to trust that people will be OK with my legal, informed, adult decisions.

    Hoping to hear the thoughts of others on this one. Thanks.
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Yes you should definately stop and reconsider. I would not pose "nude." Too risky in today's world.
  4. by   Sun0408
    I would have to stop and reconsider also.. These pics could come back to bite you in the butt and your employer/ future pts could see them as well. Talk about weird moments. Pictures have a way "around" and nursing is a small world. I would be cautious..
  5. by   rammstein
    I think it depends on how the photos are shot and what they are being used for. I think there is a huge difference between tasteful, artsy nude photos, and shooting porn. Of course, where exactly that line is drawn differs from person to person, but I feel like generally some common sense is involved. If your photos are going to end up on a website with a URL that I can't type here without violating TOS, don't do it. If the photos are more like those you remember from art school, I wouldn't call you immoral - although it might be embarrassing if your employer is the artsy type and therefore might somehow come across them.
  6. by   ChristineN
    I would consider doing it only if you are confident your real name will in no way be associated. I do have friends who have professional jobs that also do nude photos and burlequese dancing on the side and they have never had any issues, but they just use common sense, and protect yourself.
  7. by   cannolis
    Heehee! I'm an established photographer, making my way as a pre-nursing student.
    Just so you know, once something is on the internet, it's there for the world to see. But don't let that deter you from modeling. A model friend of mine has done all kinds of nude modeling and is soon to graduate nursing school.

    I don't know how she handles her hobbies from professional life, but as long as it isn't porn, you should be fine. Always use an alias online or to associate your modeling work. I also use an alias for my photography work too.

    Also make sure you know what you are agreeing to when you sign a model release. Real important! If you have any questions, pm me.
  8. by   jadelpn
    I would be careful, as once you sign a release with the professional photographer, or your friend sells one of the pics in his portfolio, then you do not have control of how the pic is used. So I would consider perhaps wearing a wig, a mask, or somehow disguising your face. I am all for a woman being able to do what she would like to with her body, and if one has hospital administration lurking and calling people out for nude photos or any activity (nude events) that one partakes in on their own time, that doesn't interfere with their nursing duties, it is an invasion of your personal privacy. However a lot of facilities have a "good moral character" clause in their personnel handbook. Which is wildly subjective, but never the less a pain in the butt to have to deal with if one of your pics is sold to some sort of magazine or some other porn outlet, or is the feature picture at the local gallery. There are people who are dancers for college tuition. They go on to have successful nursing careers. There are also those nurses who can not get employment, or only per diem employment and continue to dance, and continue to make wads of cash at it. So if you are a nudist, I would be mindful of a picture situation where you lose control of your images, but the rest of your activities is under your control. Good for you for having such a liberating mindset.
  9. by   Meriwhen
    IMO, as far as whether your state's BON would "come after you", your state BON would be the best source for the answer answer to that question. Even with not knowing exactly what you'll be doing in these nude pictures, it is safe to say that some states' BONs may consider nude modeling to fall under the "moral turpitude" banner. Other states may not. So why not drop your state BON a call or e-mail (and in this case, definitely do it anonymously) and ask them?

    Another poster also had a good point: even if the BON doesn't know or care about your modeling...future employers may. And both the nursing world and the Internet are smaller than you think.

    As an aside, if you find that you're asking yourself whether doing something is really a good idea, it probably isn't...at least that's the rule I run my life by. However, I'm not you, and only you can decide what decisions are best for you.

    Best of luck whatever you decide!
  10. by   amoLucia
    Meriwhen comments that "if you find that you're asking yourself whether doing something is really a good idea, it probably isn't". YES!

    Kinda like 'if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't'.

    Your little inner voice is talking to you, and you're asking if you should listen to it.

    My motto --- when in doubt, err on the safe side. Other posters have valid opinions, but then, it isn't them posing....

    PS - I'm envious of you. I should be so attractive...
  11. by   Devon Rex

    I would never do it, but that's me. My advice to you is to check your state's Board of Nursing Code of Ethics and your state's Nursing Practice Act to determine if they address anything related to your concerns. Also, (but costs money) consult an attorney before you do it so you know what you're getting into. Pleading ignorance would not help you get your job or license back... if it were to get to that point.

    That's my two cents!
  12. by   HM-8404
    There is a nurse manager at the large teaching hospital in my town that posed for Playboy about 12-15 years ago. This was before her nursing career and I feel quite sure she never told her employer she did this. That did not stop it from coming out. Actually one of her co-workers told me about it. I was skeptical and looked her up on the Playboy website, sure enough there she was. I don't see where it has hurt her career at all, but on the other hand, there are several faith based hospitals here that I feel quite certain she would never be able to hold a job there. She essentially vastly narrowed her job choices.

    There is also a stripper in my nursing class right now. She has not been discreet about it and her picture is on their website. This could quite possibly hinder her getting a job when we graduate.

    You should ask yourself if you will be getting enough money for these pictures to offset any problems that may come up later?
  13. by   Ntheboat2
    My first reaction was exactly what a previous poster said already....If you're questioning whether or not it's a good idea then it's probably not!!

    Unless you're talking BIG MONEY then I would forget about it.

    Those photos could haunt you. Is the money you're going to get going to be worth it? I don't know how much they're offering, but I doubt it.
  14. by   workingharder
    I really have no opinion one way or the other. I clicked this 'cause I was curious to see if the thread included pictures.