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  1. HI i work at a home health agency, and im supposed working as "per diem" now. before i started as part time and i still recalled when i first got hired i ask if i was hired for per diem or part time and the HR manager said it's part time because i will have a 'schedule'. So few months in, i wasn't sure if this the job i want so i wanted to quite but she told me stay as per diem cuz they are short staffed. so i eventually did...intially gave me lil amount of patient b/c i was per diem, so eventually the HR manager ask what days i will be available so i gave her my days and basically i have a 'schedule" and sometime i notice i almost get like part-time amount of patients so in the end im not getting benefits . so i finally bring it up to my manager to at least increase my pay which they did but it still less compare to other places that i know. neways so i was also asking if they basically give me a schedule on a regular basis is that part time ? am i getting cheated??? b/c this is still my first job as nurse and those that work per diem before as a field nurse? do they suppose to call you to let you know if you can work a certain day?? and not providing you a schedule? and i was wondering about if i call out, since they give me a schedule as per diem, and i call out on a day which i supposedly have to work, required a note or any kind? or just depend on work place?

    sorry if my wording are all over the place or any grammer mistakes ^^
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    The agency is going to place you on their work schedule the way that it suits them to get the work done. If you are concerned about getting benefits, then you need to keep on top of them to get what you want. If you do not like the situation, whether or not you get excuses instead of what you think you are entitled to, you should find another employer. You might want to consider doing extended care home health where you will have a more clearly defined schedule. It is more difficult to deny the employee full time benefits when the employee is scheduled for forty hours a week. It is common for some of these agencies to employ different 'policies' from employee to employee regarding pay and benefits.
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