Nursing Management Ethics *please help*

  1. I currently work at a state run Veterans facility, I live in rural Wisconsin, so there have been many changes at my facility, resulting in a lot of nursing staff leaving to go to other nursing facilities.

    My nursing administrator is a well-known woman in the nursing world, she is the president of 2 different nursing associations, and has a lot of "influence". I have recently found out that she wrote a letter to the 2 major other nursing associations in the area, which my facility has a strong professional relationship with, that stated "to maintain our healthy working relationship between our facilities, I urge your human resources department to recognize that our facility is suffering from a nursing shortage. I would hope that your facility recognizes this prior to holding interviews and hiring any nursing staff from King".

    I know of three other staff members and myself that have been turned away from the other organizations, some not even receiving a return phone call after a face to face interview. One person was actually told that the hiring managers were instructed not to hire the nursing candidates from my facility if at all possible.

    To me, this is blatantly unethical. Legal? I think in the gray area of everything, on both parties behavior.
    Any opinions or suggestions on what to do with this?
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