nurses code of ethics.

  1. Where Can I Find The Nurses Code Of Ethics? Am I Violating This Code By Having Too Many Patients?
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I dunno, how many pts do you have at a time?

    Could we ask a favor: could you not capitalize every word? It's pretty hard to read that way.
  4. by   Bwick
    The ANA code of ethics is what you are looking for and you can view it, I believe on the ANA website - I think it's
    It's not going to give you a number value of how many patients you should be caring for.
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    1. I doubt there is any "ethical rulebook" anywhere that says "no nurse shalt have more then 6 patients per shift".
    2. Someone else will probably point this out - but the ANA represents RNs. Leaves LPNs/LVNs rather out of the picture. Do we have separate set of ethics?
    3. Each State/licensing authority has different "policy" and "responsibilities" expected by the licensee. This will obviously affect "ethics".
    4. The question asked by the OP is too vague to merit a precise answer.