New Critical Care Clinical Instructor

  1. I am a MICU nurse. I have been in MICU since graduation 3 years ago. I recently took a one day a week job as the clinical instructor for our ADN program. I will be the instructor for the CTICU, STICU, and MICU. I am a bit nervous and just need advice, on what things I need to be prepared for, and how best to prepare them for their first day.

    We all know ICU nurses can be a bit protective of their patients. haha They are use to not having any type of conversations with the RNs on the med-surgs floors. As in, they are use to doing everything with the instructor, so these clinicals will be more on their own, and be one-on-one with the primary RN.
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  3. by   Here.I.Stand
    When I had clinical in the ICU, we were mostly observing. Any hands-on tasks were at the discretion of the RN. Where I work now we only have students in their final practicum, so working 1:1 with a volunteer RN on an ongoing basis. Those students do more hands on care, but again at the discretion of the RN, and under close supervision.