Nature detests a vacuum

  1. Recently our ADNS resigned... And the inevitable jockeying for positions began, amid much speculation throughout the company. It appears to have become an Orwellian dystopia now, as lack of support for management decisions and speech against the corporation could result in termination. Of course it is time to polish the resume, learn about labor laws and try to lay low. I have been well liked by staff, but ill spoken of by a coworker with ambition, and there are some who delight in causing others' difficulties. It all feels like "Room 101" now, and I am pretty sure that my continued growth will now be limited by the perception that I am a naysayer. How on earth do I protect myself while trying to smooth things over for a quiet transition to another company? Call me "Julia"...
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  3. by   All4NursingRN
    Hey Julia sounds like my work environment where I am also trying to lay low. Well all I can say is put pen to paper and keep notation of everything said and done to you. Document everything and look for new ways to cover yourself.
  4. by   Lizzie Clayre
    Good suggestions... Color me sad...