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  1. I have received a job offer for a facility in a new city/new state I am moving to. It's not my top choice from the jobs I applied to, but I found the organization to be the most transparent and personable (all big pluses in my book). I have interviewed with the manager and staff for a position (at a different hospital) that I really want to work at last week Wednesday and was told I would find out by the end of the this week. I weirdly feel obligated to accept the first job I received, because they have shown such a heavy interest in me and my skills.

    I am awaiting formal details for start date, salary, etc from the job that is offered to me so I have some time to wait. But my question is, should I call the unit I really want to talk to the manager seeing as how I now have another offer? I don't want to burn any bridges, but I can't help but feel that I am being dragged along and that the process is taking longer for no reason. I'm also finding this hospital less transparent overall. I don't want to accept this job (which will still be a great job, don't get me wrong) and then get offered the job I actually wanted more after the fact. Is it rude to call them and talk to them? I'm afraid as others have mentioned in other topics that I won't get contacted at all. Part of me wants to put pressure on the manager by showing that hey, I'm a very well qualified, well-desirable nurse and that maybe I'm a great catch that you'd want on your unit, but I don't want to convey that I'm overly confident or annoying.

    Sorry this is convoluted, but opinions would be appreciated!!
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