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    I'm hoping some of you can provide with your insight. I've been a hospital nurse for 10 years. I'm mainly experienced in med surg tele and also work on a trauma floor. While working, I received my msn in nursing administration and post masters in nursing education. I just recently was promoted to permanent charge nurse on my big floor of 49 beds. Staffing isn't great, stress levels are high, turnover is high. After dealing with some difficulty getting pregnant, a miscarriage, and ultimately having my first child I have started to refocus on my career. I'm beginning to start looking to venture outside the hospital, but am overwhelmed at the prospect of finding something. How do I cross over into a job in quality outcomes, education etc outside the hospital setting? What sites should I be using? Do I need a nurse recruiter? I feel like my whole identity is a hospital nurse but I don't want to let my fear coupled with my difficulty finding opportunities stop me from moving on. Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Hi, a site you can use is
    If you want to be an educator start seeking opportunities via but if you like hospital nursing you may like a case management position or UM position with an insurance company. Good luck!