Interview follow-up for new grad NP

  1. I am a recent certified FNP and seeking my first job. I had a successful phone screen interview with the HR specialist two weeks ago. She stated she was recommending that I go forth to the next step, a virtual face-to-face interview with the COO and Senior Executive. This interview was six days ago and I felt the interview went well. I did send a thank you email to both interviewers that evening. The Senior Executive stated what would happen next which would be a shadowing; however, he didn't state that I would be allowed to shadow. (In retrospect, I would have asked for a specific timeline.) So, tomorrow being seven days after the virtual interview, I would like to follow-up via email. Whom should I send the email to--the interviewers or HR specialist?


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  3. by   inthecosmos
    I feel like here it would be the HR specialist.