Galen College of Nursing (St. Pete)

  1. Hello! I am planning to attend Galen College of Nursing in St. Pete this fall. I was wondering if some who attends or attended there could possibly give me their feedback!

    How was the program?
    Did you transfer any credits in?
    How is the administration? Teachers?
    Was it easy to find a job after?

    Anything will be helpful! So far I like what I see after visiting but I wanted to get some insight from the students!
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  3. by   Newbiej
    Hi Apearson418 I'll be starting Galen St. Pete in March. Have you started the program yet?
  4. by   APEARSON418
    hello! No, I'm starting in September!
  5. by   mcole9604
    I am starting in the March class as well! Cannot wait!!!!
  6. by   shawnitta85
    Hello everyone, I will be starting in September 2018. I will be enrolled in the BSN program.