Desperately need advice

  1. A patient made a complaint to a CNA who then told me about what the patient stated. My manager wanted me to write a report about what the patient said and to sign it and turn it in to her. I did not feel comfortable since I did not witness the complaint or the situation. She is writing me up for not submitting the report. Is this allowed? Am i really required to submit a report on something I did not witness just because my manager said I had to? Is that legal?
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  3. by   llg
    It's not a matter of legality ... your manager asked you to do something (that was not illegal) and you refused. You failed to do what your boss told you about and will get in trouble for that failure.

    Now ... about writing the report. It is not illegal to write down what you were told. Just tell the truth and state clearly that you did not personally hear/witness the patient complaint ... but that you are repeating what was told to you by the CNA. As long as you tell the truth, and don't mis-represent anything, there is nothing wrong with you reporting it.
  4. by   JKL33
    Note begins like this:

    "On [date], writer received report from Jessica Jones, CNA, who states that patient (Mr. John Doe) informed her that on [date], [reported details of incident...]"

    Ends: "Writer was not witness to Mr Doe's report to Ms. Jones, nor any or the reported events."