BMC ER Nurse Residency 2017

  1. I recently applied to Boston Medical Center's ER Nurse Residency Program. The program itself starts on December 4 and I received an email stating that my application is currently under review. This is absolutely my number one choice. I absolutely love the ER and did 225 hours in the Peds ER for my nursing school transition. Yesterday I interviewed with High Point in Plymouth and they said they'd make me an official offer to me once my references and background check went through. It's nice knowing I have something because I know how competitive it is for new grads here in Massachusetts, but I don't want to regret not going after BMC just because High Point is a comfortable choice. With that being said, I was wondering if anyone knew the timeline for BMC's ER residency? For example, when would I be getting a call if they're interested? What is the current process? (I've seen threads from 2015, but I'm not sure how accurate they are now). Has anyone worked at High Point, know the pay, or know how satisfied the employees there are? And if I take High Point, how hard for me will it be to get a hospital job after a year?
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  3. by   KFH313
    Hi! I applied to the regular RN nurse residency program at BMC that is going to start 1/8/18. I called HR today to get a timeline of when decisions would be made and all they told me was that 800+ applications had been received and they were going through them. I'm not sure what that means about the emergency room one but you may want to give HR a call!
  4. by   laurengabriela
    I ended up calling HR last week and they told me that the ER residency candidates would be getting calls for interviews within the next two weeks starting this coming week. Best of luck to you!!!