Any advice for a new charge nurse?

  1. I'm a 2016 RN graduate and I have taken the charge nurse position at my facility. I know most charge nurses have several years of experience under their belt; at this point, I am one of a few nurses with the most experience in our department and no one else was really willing to step up to the plate to help change things. I have had other leadership positions prior to being an RN and I'm also one of the more mature (older) nurses in our department. Our facility has just recently started the charge nurse position so there's not really anyone that has trained me, I'm more or less being molded by administration as to what my duties are. I have a mentor but she's not always available and I'm just trying to piece together a desired position for others. I have support from most of my peers, I haven't really been bullied by the older nurses, or maybe I refuse to be bullied; I get a few negative vibes from the more experienced nurses that float over but I can't say I blame them, some days are hard. Anyway, I'm looking for any advice that would be beneficial to a new charge nurse or any tips that are helpful with acuity, staffing (we're finally fully staffed!!), morale, team building, etc.
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