ADVICE: quitting job before orientation is over

  1. Hi there, so I've been an ICU nurse for a little over a year. Got another ICU job at a hospital that I absolutely hate. I was at my old job for a yr. Then moved back home because I was pregnant. I was hired when I was pregnant and my total orientation was 6 months long, 3months which was maternity leave in the middle of orientation. So I've been at this hospital for 9months now. I have to 2 week left til I'm on my own but the thing is, is that I absolutely hate where I work. My first job was at a magnet hospital in an ICU and although I was very stressed, I loved going to work everyday because I was apart of such an amazing team and I knew I could always count on them. Where I am from there is only one hospital so I don't have many options. I am considering moving back to the state I was at before, and find a job there, even if it means moving my family again. I know the ICU is very stressful but here is unlike any other I've worked or precepted in. I've been pulled off of orientation because we were short staffed and given my own patients while still on orienation, Dr.s lie about seeing their patients, noting that they saw them at 12pm when its 6pm, I could go on...What makes me stressed is that I never feel safe, people gossip, hate to teach, don't help, etc. My question is, is that 9months is a big chunk of time and if I quit, can I put this on my resume knowing I didn't even complete my orientation? I would hate for it to look like I didn't work for 9months on my resume as well as hate to have it used against me that I didn't even finish my orientation should they contact this employer. I've thought about quitting 5 times but my husband finally convinced me to quit saying its not going to get better. I didn't want too because there are no jobs here, but now that we both want to move I am so ready to get the heck out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am sorry to hear you are having issues like that. You should mention the 9 months there, but show it as current employment and not quit until you have a position at another facility. If you know where you are wanting to move to, you can Google the place, find out what hospitals are in the area, and go to their sites to find any position openings, apply online, even get the phone number. Most places may question the 9 months, but it will go much easier if you are still working there.