Nursing Advice


Hello ALL,

I would like to know if there is anyone out there that can advice me on the Wonderlic test for Bauder College for their ADN program. I feel as though I am spinning my wheels. I have taken the wonderlic test June of 2011. It is now June 2014. I did not succeed the first time around, and never went back to retest. I have been attending a junior college (part time) Oct will be two years, and I have not even reached my sciences because I have been having trouble with Math 098. Time is passing by, and I am not getting any younger :) I just turned 48 last Friday. I do not think that I should keep going to the community college especially when Bauder does not require prereqs to enter into their program. I eventually want to bridge from ADN to MSN, but I have to get to ADN first. I really need advice on my nursing journey. I also would love any suggestions on taking the entrance exam for Bauder. The next program starts August 27th. I am trying to retest ASAP. I let three years go by, time is of the essence. Thank you!!